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Greener Pastures for All

We want to give our Angus steers the best possible life, closest to their natural 'paradise.' To ensure this is the case, we raise only 5 steers at a time, using 25 acres of pasture. This is far less stressful that the minimum recommendation of one acre per animal. Our steers are free from anxiety about what they will eat or how much room they have to move about. They stay relaxed, and enjoy foraging for various native foliage; grasses, leafy greens, seed pods and more. This not only makes them feel good, but also eases our minds knowing that the meat we consume is not the product of the dire stress and ugliness found in feed lots. Ultimately, the happier the animal, and the more variety of pasture consumed, the more color, flavor, minerals and healthy Omega-3 marbling is found in their meat.

All Flesh is Grass

It's amazing that an animal as large as a steer can sustain itself comfortably on just grass. The challenge is having enough pasture per animal to graze for most of the day. That is what we ensure here at Tusk Creek. There's a myth that grass fed beef is tough; we have found that not true. I am often blown away by how soft the meat is - sometimes so soft you can poke your finger through a raw steak. We believe that pasture raised animals under stress can lead to an inferior (tougher) product, and that's where the myth about tough meat originates. Our steers are raised with 5 times the recommended pasture space per animal, and a huge variety of native coastal grasses, flowers and other foliage to choose from year round. And although we can't prove it, we believe that our pasture's proximity to the salty Core Sound makes our beef even tastier! 

Fun Facts: Grass fed beef is known to be lower in total fat content, have more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, more omega-6 fatty acid (linolenic acid), and more antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E.


Who We Are

Tusk Creek Beef is run by me and my husband (Lianne & Brian Reburn). We live on Tusk Creek at Core Sound right outside of Marshallberg NC. We've been raising cattle on and off for about 14 years. We started out as Marshallberg Farm beef, but Marshallberg Farm now refers primarily to the sturgeon farm we manage to produce Osetra caviar. To avoid confusion, we have renamed our beef project Tusk Creek Beef, since our pastures touch Tusk Creek by the Core Sound on land originally part of Marshallberg Cattle Farm.

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